Children Digi-CORE

The Project.

Enhancing children’s participation through DIGItal COmplaints and REporting

Specific objectives.

Participatory design and testing of the Children Digi-CORE app empower children who are capable of forming their own views to understand their rights and report violations to the Ombudsperson for children of the Piedmont Region (Italy)

Defining and testing Standardized CORE interdisciplinary procedures to manage children’s reporting

Interdisciplinary training for professionals

Exchange of knowledge and good practices, promotion of peer-learning between ombudspersons for children and welfare professionals and establishment of an integrated policy framework.


The project adopts an innovative, child friendly, participatory, integrated and interdisciplinary approach.

Innovative: a digital tool for children’s complaints to local ombudspersons for children does not yet exist

Child friendly: the app and the interdisciplinary procedures will present specific features making them easy for children to use

Participatory: groups of children and young adults will be involved in the needs assessment (through children’ s focus groups), in the mobile app development and testing (users’ assessment workshops) and in the training (children as trainers)

Integrated: our tools will be built on the existing framework

Interdisciplinary: Children Digi-CORE will guarantee, both in defining the “Standardized CORE interdisciplinary procedures” and in the training, the necessary integration between Law, Psychology and Social Work.